Facilities Available

Four House System
House Captain Vice-Captain
Netaji House (Blue) Trushali Sahu B. Sudhir
Gandhiji House (Green) Sonal Swayam Prabha
Jeet Jeedan Behera

Shastri House ( Yellow)
Raj Kumari Padhy
Abhisekh Behera
Nehru House ( Red) G. Nutan Sameer Dash
Well Equipped Library
  1. Well Equipped library with a trained and qualified librarian
  2. Librarian’s Special Guidance) : This will help students to find the correct book for their reference.
  3. Vocational Guidance : General information on various courses are provided
  4. Reference & Rare Books : Teachers & Students find this section as a knowledge bank
  5. Magazines, periodicals and newspapers. It gives up-to-date information
Sports indoor & Out door

Our school contributes to the cognitive, social and emotional well-being of our students and improves their strength, agility and fitness. Witnessing the potential of our students, our big school ground has initiated various outdoor sports activities like Volleyball, Throw ball, ko-ko, March past and Athletics. The school time-table includes regular games period for physical training under the guidance of our P.T.Master. The school has appointed special coaches for Taekwondo.

Indoor Games Room

During the monsoon season, students are not deprived of any games or activies for physical development. Facilities like Carrom board, Chess other board games are provided to students to play and this is done in the semi hall built on the first floor.

Computer Lab

A specious well planned & designed Computer Lab with 25 (Five computers) with internet facility is available for our students to increase their knowledge in computer Technology

The School Band

Our School Band symbolizes harmony, creating an ambience filled with gaiety, music and colour for our ongoing school activities and functions.

Smart classes (Interactive Teaching)

It caters to an active and creative system of learning.


All the classrooms, corridors and the school campus are under the CCTV surveillance system.

  1. Train and Hire
  2. Train, Intern and Hire
  3. Intern and Hire

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